What is the best way to maintain a deck and keep it looking like new?

What is the best way to maintain a deck and keep it looking like new?

All decks require occasional care and maintenance. The amount of service a deck will require depends upon a few factors, such as location, exposure, use, proximity to moisture and organic species (trees, shrubs, etc. ), and materials used to construct the deck. The sun, moisture, and mold will have the greatest impact on the amount of care and the life span of the decking and handrail caps, as these horizontal surfaces will receive much more abuse the the vertical surface, rails, rim joists, support posts. New wood decks will need to have a good quality wood sealer applied from two weeks after to no later than a month as the Florida sun cures the pressure treated lumber rapidly. Cleaning and sealing the deck every 2-3 years, depending upon exposure, will protect it.

Composite decks will need to be sprayed with a good deck cleaner containing tri-sodium-phosphate and bleach on average once a year. Capped composite and solid cellular pvc decking may only need to be hosed off occasionally. Using a cordless blower to remove dirt, leaves, and other organic debris, once or twice a month will increase the service intervals, reduce the proliferation of mold and keep your deck looking it’s best.

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